Mother & Cookies with SmartPhone & Tablet Mother Hub & Sensor Cookies (unfortunately, is no longer in business)

The Silver Mother system uses small wireless sensors called Cookies that may be secured to common household items to detect a person’s daily activities. Cookies measure motion and temperature, transmitting this data to the Mother hub. The Mother plugs into your internet service, connecting the Cookies to the server, where their sensor data is processed into meaningful information about daily activity patterns and sent back to your Personal Computer, Smartphone or Tablet. Unlike most other in-home sensor products, there are no monthly fees to access the server. Just the one-time purchase price of $299 direct from Mother does need an internet connection in the home, which provides extra advantages. For example, with the addition of a Tablet, one can self-monitor using’s free Android or iOS Apps and enjoy video chats with family and friends using any of several free services. This combination of sensing + video makes a compelling set of connective tools for aging-in-place.

Silver Mother Apps

There is a set of Apps called Silver Mother that provide information of value for keeping track of activities and routines that are especially useful for aging-in-place. The Apps present the Cookie's sensor data in numeric and graphical forms, providing helpful feedback that empowers people to practice the 3 A's: Awareness, Attention and Action. Awareness of our daily activities draws our Attention to the routine patterns that indicate our quality of life, which gives us insight to significant life’s changes that may require Action. The following screenshots and descriptions provide some good examples of the Silver Mother Apps:


Meds Reminder App


Meds Reminder App


Medications Reminders: Forgetting to the take medications on time is a common problem. Conventional alarm-type reminders tell you when to take your meds. Mother only reminds you if you haven’t taken them within the specified timeframe and provides a chronological record of all medication events for your records.


Activity: Walk and Presence Apps

Walk-Today & Past Week

Walk-Today & Past Week

Activity Level: Carry a Cookie in your pocket and the Walk App will count your steps, measure distance walked and provide incentives to keep active. Positive changes in activity level provide encouraging feedback, while negative changes may indicate an immediate or long term problem that needs attention.

Presence at Home: Attach a Cookie to your keychain to inform Mother when you leave home and return. Family caregivers can see that Mom is home when she should be and that she is going out for appointments and scheduled activities. The same Cookie can also count steps for the Walk App.

Front Door: Stick a Cookie on your front door to record every time it opens and closes. Combined with the Presence App it can tell whether the door was opened while nobody was home. Family caregivers can distinguish when their parent leaves and arrives home, whether the door was opened for a visitor or perhaps late at night.


Sleep Quality App


Sleep Poor & Good Quality

Sleep Quality: Place a Cookie on your bed and it will register when you went to bed, recognize your sleep stages, measure how much sleep you had and at what time you got up. Sleep is essential to a person's physical and emotional well-being. Studies have shown that poor sleep increases the risk of illness and falls. Sleep quality information may be useful in understanding changes in sleeping habits and their potential impact on your health and daytime alertness.


Check Daily Routines App

Check TV & Fridge

Check TV & Fridge

Check Daily Routines: Most people have consistent patterns of daily activities, with some variation between weekdays and weekends. Cookies may be placed on everyday items to follow these daily activity patterns. Reviewing these patterns provides family caregivers with reassuring awareness that all is well. If the patterns change abruptly, there may be an acute problem such as a fall requiring prompt action. While Mother does not replace the function of a PERS button, it can spontaneously signal a problem without having to push a button. If the patterns drift over time, this may indicate an important change in health status that needs attention. Here are a few examples for using the Check App, which graphs each event on a 24 hr circle, with a week of concentric circles for day-to-day comparisons.

TV watching patterns: Stick a Cookie on the remote control to register movements indicating that Mon is watching her regular programs. An unexpected break in the daily schedule may warrant a check-in call.

Refrigerator access patterns: Stick a Cookie on your fridge door and register every time it opens and closes to indicate the times of day that meals are being prepared. Caregivers can see at what times of day Mom or Dad opened the fridge, which helps determine that they are eating regularly. A sudden break from regular meal patterns may indicate the onset of illness. More subtle changes over time may provide insight into an incipient problem.


Temperature App

Temperature-Bed & Keychain

Temperature Bed & Keychain

Temperature: Each Cookie contains a digital thermometer, making it easy to check if it’s warm or cool enough for comfort. If the temperature exceeds preset bounds, Mother can send an email alert to check whether the furnace or air conditioner has malfunctioned. The left side shows the Bed Cookie's daytime temperature. Notice the light-blue 24hr trace showing the elevated temperature when the bed was occupied. The right side show the Keychain Cookie in a pants pocket registering body temperature.



Taken together, these Apps provide a remarkably useful sense of how things are going at home. They provide unique perspectives that encourage the 3 A's: Awareness that all is well, Attention when there are deviations from normal daily patterns, and Action when those deviations signify changes in safety or wellbeing.
As a gerontechnologist, I have designed, built and evaluated sensor systems, learning the art of monitoring the right activities, placing the sensors properly and fine-tuning systems to best serve each person’s unique lifestyle and home conditions. Like all sensor systems, the Mother needs careful consideration to work well, but it is one of the most flexible and affordable systems that I have evaluated. While the setup may be accomplished by a tech-savvy Do It Yourselfer, people with no prior experience connecting network systems and sensors would benefit from help getting started.
With proper guidance, setup and training, sensor systems like Silver Mother offer us greater awareness of daily routines and significant changes that may affect our safety and quality of life, while providing empowering tools and opportunities to extend our independence through caring relationships. For more information, please call PhoneNumber 10Bldor Contact Us.