Services: 3-Generations
The future is already here — it's just not evenly distributed.
William Gibson, Author who coined the term "cyberspace"
CareWheels provides a variety of consulting services to empower people and organizations with current technologies. We offer individuals and their families the freedom of individual choice with the benefits of expert guidance to provide custom solutions that meet your needs today and can grow in the future to meet your changing needs. We partner with communities and organizations to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of aging in place.
Individuals have many choices – today there are touch-screen tablets to keep you in touch with family and friends. The tablet market has matured to provide affordable, feature-rich systems and services. There are many good choices whether you feel comfortable configuring your own system, have a friend or family member to help, or need a simplified system.
Family members seeking new ways to strengthen connections – especially with far-flung children and grandchildren – are already using interactive technologies to keep connected. There are many options for including grandparents, from simplified tablets to safety monitoring systems.
Communities are discovering that to age-in-place well takes a village or intentional community. The Village to Village Network and Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities offer members supportive services to age-in-place at home for as long as possible. As their membership ages, intentional communities seeking to fulfill this commitment will discover that TeleCare can help connect people into virtual villages to deliver affordable care right into their homes.
Organizations seeking opportunities to meet the growing needs of our aging society can innovate by inventing new technologies or more likely, by re-inventing and adapting their existing products and services. CareWheels has worked with a variety of organizations, from academia and start-up to large corporation, transferring technologies from the laboratory to living labs and ultimately into the homes of today’s early adopters and the greater emergent market.